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Termguard Systems

Termguard systems have been purpose built to provide cost-effective treatment and replenishment barriers. Termguard systems provides a convenient, safe and reliable method of applying and re-applying approved termiticide to all types of construction.

Termguard's Ultimate System

This safe and effective treatment system offers whole-of-building protection.

The systems deliver a measured coverage of environmentally approved, active termite barrier through a network of PVC piping to the entire underslab area of new homes and commercial buildings. The systems can be replenished quickly and safely with no disruption to the building occupant.

Termguard's Perimeter Retreatment and Armoured Shield System

The Perimeter Retreatment and Armoured Shield System provides a very cost-effective option for home builders. The Armoured Shields protect service penetrations underslab while the perimeter is protected by Termguard's replenishable, active perimeter barrier.

Termguard's Perimeter and Penetration Retreatment System

The Perimeter Retreatment System is technically proven and complies with the Building Codes Board through ABCB Certification. The system provides an effective pre-treatment and replenishable termite barrier around the perimeter and all service penetrations of monolithic, infill/footing or suspended slabs.

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